I purchased www.christinagammon.com: it’s about time!

This is my first post for www.christinagammon.com and I am so excited! I’ve been an online marketer and web designer for 5 years and have checked the availability through Bluehost so many times… only to purchase a different domain with a smaller focus. One niche. But that’s just not how I roll. haha. I have many interests.

From a business side of things: Customers and Promoters for ViSalus, earning money online through various programs, and helping people where I can.

From a personal side of things: The health benefits of using ViSalus, recipes for ViSalus, inspirtaional messages.

OF COURSE this will change here and there as we go forth. All great outcomes happened with change and I’m looking forward to seeing where christinagammon.com goes!

Thanks for your support!