Funky Monkey: ViSalus Shakes are yummy, fun and nutritional

ViSalus provides you the tools for a better you.
Body by Vi Challenge, ViSalus
Nutritional shake to:
– Help you lose weight
– Help you build muscle
– Gain weight (depends on HOW you use the shakes)
– Help you get fit

In my family there are people ages 18, 39, 53 and 84. We all use ViSalus for different reasons! My families testimonies are:

– I lost 22 pounds and went from a size 14 to a size 7. And I earned the bonus BMW in just 2 1/2 months.
– My boyfriend has lost 43 pounds!
– My stepdaughter maintained weight in her first year of college and saved money on food!
– My friend Betty noticed her cholesterol drop (something medicine couldn’t do) and her depression is gone. She is 84 and she said she feels 20 years younger.

Key Benefits for Customers or Distributors:
– (Applies to both customers & distributors)Have 3 customers with same or greater than your kit and yours is FREE each month that you have 3 customers (same customers, not new customers each month)
– Distributors earn money from their customers, their customers customers and their teams customers and distributors.
– ViSalus community online for support, recipes and encouragement.

ViSalus offers a Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge where you set your personal goals and strive to achieve them. The Challenge is centered on their YUMMY nutritional shake that provides a variety of vitamins and minerals a body needs.

To lose weight, drink 2 shakes a day instead of 2 meals and have a sensible meal for the 3rd.

To maintain weight but add better nutrition to your meal, drink 1 shake a day and 2 sensible meals for the other 2.

It does not matter what meal you have your shake for.

Snacks are allowed if you feel hungry in between. But try to keep your calorie intake to at least 1200 calories a day.

I’ve  never changed my lifestyle and my overall health with so much ease. It’s easy, fun, and the recipes available keep it interesting. My favorite recipe is the Funky Monkey. Yum!