New Year Resolution Preparation: making the difference between success and failure

Tomorrow begins year 2014 and this year I’m ready! My New Year resolutions are going be successful this year! Every  year prior to this one I did a lot of talking about the things I wanted to accomplish. This year I am gearing up and have a plan in place!

New Year's Eve GoalsI have a couple resolutions but the main one I will focus on here is my health. I want to be healthier this year! It’s easy to say I want to be healthy. It’s another to actual do it. Here are the ways I am going to make my 2014 health goals a reality:

  • ViSalus 90 Day Challenge – I am going to start a new 90 Day Challenge. Two shakes a day to replace two of my meals. I am excited to try all the shake recipes I’ve created!
  • New Blender – The personal Oster blender makes the shake process easier! Easier to prepare, take with me, and clean.
  • MultiVitamins – I started taking a multivitamin that is offered by ViSalus a couple days ago. I plan to continue on with these throughout the year to keep immune system up and to ensure I have as much energy as possible.  My problem with daily vitamins is not remembering them so I created an alarm on my phone to go off twice a day. So far it’s going great!
  • Walking – I have always loved walking and my boyfriend and I do a lot of it. With the colder weather and holidays, we’ve slacked off from our daily regiment. with the new year, I am going to walk every day. We aim for 3 miles a day but sometimes come out short. So this year to reach the goal, I will go for more than one walk in a day to tally up the miles.
  • Water – Drinking more water with help flush my system, hydrate my skin, fill me up and keep empty calories from my mouth.

Attitude – My attitude is the most important part of the plan. Focus and determination are key and what I am starting out with this year!

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  1. Hi Christina,

    Great plans for the new year. I am not one to exercise very much but I am going to try and start walking each day.

    Have a great New Year and welcome to our focus group. Monna

  2. Good plan ,health is the most important thing .
    I hope you will be successful and stay with it .
    We will keep you going in the focus group .
    Thank you ,Christina 🙂

  3. Those are some wonderful goals! I’m sending you lots of success your way. It’s good to find products that you love to help you get there. Good Luck…

  4. I absolutely love ViSalus shakes. You look wonderful in your pictures above. Thanks for sharing.