New Year Resolution Preparation: making the difference between success and failure

Tomorrow begins year 2014 and this year I’m ready! My New Year resolutions are going be successful this year! Every¬† year prior to this one I did a lot of talking about the things I wanted to accomplish. This year I am gearing up and have a plan in place!

New Year's Eve GoalsI have a couple resolutions but the main one I will focus on here is my health. I want to be healthier this year! It’s easy to say I want to be healthy. It’s another to actual do it. Here are the ways I am going to make my 2014 health goals a reality:

  • ViSalus 90 Day Challenge – I am going to start a new 90 Day Challenge. Two shakes a day to replace two of my meals. I am excited to try all the shake recipes I’ve created!
  • New Blender – The personal Oster blender makes the shake process easier! Easier to prepare, take with me, and clean.
  • MultiVitamins – I started taking a multivitamin that is offered by ViSalus a couple days ago. I plan to continue on with these throughout the year to keep immune system up and to ensure I have as much energy as possible.¬† My problem with daily vitamins is not remembering them so I created an alarm on my phone to go off twice a day. So far it’s going great!
  • Walking – I have always loved walking and my boyfriend and I do a lot of it. With the colder weather and holidays, we’ve slacked off from our daily regiment. with the new year, I am going to walk every day. We aim for 3 miles a day but sometimes come out short. So this year to reach the goal, I will go for more than one walk in a day to tally up the miles.
  • Water – Drinking more water with help flush my system, hydrate my skin, fill me up and keep empty calories from my mouth.

Attitude – My attitude is the most important part of the plan. Focus and determination are key and what I am starting out with this year!

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